Factors to consider for better air movement at your home in Dubai

Air movement is very necessary for every home and Electrical equipment suppliers in UAE have many options for the residential or commercial requirements for the best air movement around any area. There are generalized three main strategies to improve the indoor air quality of your homes:


It is the most effective way to improve indoor air quality. The major kitchen and bathroom fittings in UAE need to be designed in a way to have controlled sources for the reduction of emissions. There are some sources containing asbestos that could be sealed and the gas stoves can be well adjusted for decreasing the emissions. The control of the source of air movement has to be carefully settled for an efficient approach to protect the indoor air quality.

These days, there are many suggested measures for including houseplants to maintain freshness in the air. There is no evidence for the number of plants that can keep a space cleaner but there are some indoor plants meant for the natural cleaning of the homes that are becoming quite popular. Indoor houseplants need ventilation for at least a few minutes in 2-3 days and hence, opened doors or windows can help to avoid the growth of fungi or micro-organisms.


The air quality problems can be settled with the management of sources as well as considering the reduction of air pollutants in your home. The electric suppliers in UAE suggest that well-ventilated spaces are the key to better air movement. Hence, the natural lowering of air pollutants in the home and the outdoor air entering your house is important to keep any spaces ventilated.

Most of the cooling systems do not manually bring fresh air to the house. It is important to open doors and windows, or running a cent control open for the electrical devices to increase the ventilation rate. For example, the local bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans can remove contaminants directly from any room and increase the rate of air ventilation.

Some daily activities must be done to remove the air pollutants and keep the home ventilated. It is even advisable that the short term activities involved in homes, like cooking, welding, sanding, or soldering should be done outside the home to avoid the settlement of pollutants inside the home area. The new homes are designed in a way to feature mechanical systems that bring the fresh air inside the home. These are the simple air movement devices that can be purchased from the Electrical trading companies in UAE.

Importance of Ventilation: Ventilation and shading can control the indoor temperatures at home. It can weaken the airborne pollutants from the indoor sources by reduction of the contaminants and aim at improving the Air Quality inside the home (IAQ). Air ventilation can reduce air pollutants, like refuse or smoke. The ventilation can promote better air quality and can be done in several ways:

Electrical Switchgear Companies in Sharjah

• Natural ventilation with doors and windows
• Mechanical systems installed for ventilation and air conditioning
• Infiltration process to promote airflow through the joints, floor, and ceilings

Natural ventilation has no substitute. It can moderate the room temperature and gives a fresh feel to any place. It is not possible in the UAE to keep the doors and windows open due to too hot temperatures. However, there are systems to introduce natural air to some places like the bathroom or kitchen where outside air is important to avoid dampness or humidity.


There are many air cleaning and movement equipment available in the market through electrical equipment suppliers in UAE. Some inexpensive electrical systems are not too expensive for the house to maintain proper air movement. The air movers are highly effective in the interchange of the outside air and even remove the gaseous pollutants. The effectiveness of an air controller depends on how much air it can draw from outside to bring a fresh feel to the inside area that could become muggy without the outside air.

Electrical Switchgear Companies in Sharjah give different options for the air movement systems in the home. The air-circulation rate has to be maintained to improve any area by promoting the ventilation concept. The air-conditioning systems do not bring outdoor air to the home. There are conventional air movers required to promote ventilation at the places where there is no provision of the natural air passage. The mechanical sources with infiltration and natural ventilation can be relied upon for bringing outdoor air inside the home and circulating the fresh air that leads to the positivity around.


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